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Parkinson's Foundation and Parkinson's UK form new partnership

Each year, Parkinson's UK, their supporters and partners invest more than £4 million into the Parkinson's Virtual Biotech to rapidly develop and test the most promising research findings with the aim of turning them into treatments.....(Read More)

Nov 12, 2019  Reviewed by James Ives, M.Psych. (Editor)

Some things you learn in school turn out not to be true, for example that there are just five senses or three states of matter. Now cutting-edge research has added to the list by proving the mitochondria.....(Read More)

Nov 29, 2018 2.10am AEDT

Mitochondrial Infusions Given to Babies with Heart Damage

Eleven babies have been given an experimental treatment to repair damaged heart tissue: 1 billion of their own mitochondria infused into the impaired cardiac muscle. So far, The New York Times reports.....(Read More)

Jul 10, 2018 Kerry Grens

Explainer: what are mitochondria and how did we come to have them?

We’ve probably all heard of mitochondria, and we may even remember learning in school that they are the “powerhouses of the cell” – but what does that actually mean, and how did they evolve?.....(Read More)

Sep 22, 2017 1.57pm AEST

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