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Since the first bone marrow transplant in 1950s, these regenerative cellular therapies have garnered significant attention within the biopharmaceutical industry. Over the years, advances in the field of cell biology and regenerative medicine have led to the development of a number of cell therapies, which are believed to possess the potential to address several unmet needs related to the treatment of a wide range of disease conditions. Cell-based treatments are known for their ability to replace damaged cells and tissues, thereby, curing affiliated disease symptoms.

However, the effects of cell-based therapy still have no as expected, or the best application method has not yet been found. There are many studies that consider mitochondria are the key of cell-based therapy. They believed that mitochondria may be the next answer of regenerative medicine. The mitochondrial regenerative medical technology is also the most eye-catching technology in recent years. We believe that mitochondrial medical technology can become the next innovative development of regenerative medicine.

Aging-related diseases are increasing and risking lifespan of aging people

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Mitochondria Reconstruction Therapy

Aging and environmental cues can cause the loss of mitochondrial function. When the damaged mitochondria reach a certain level and cannot repair itself, it will promote cell injury and even death, which then impair the physiological function of organs and tissues, and eventually lead to disease. Mitochondrial recombination therapy (Mitochondrial recombination therapy) is to extract high-activity and high-quality healthy mitochondria from cells, reconstructing and repairing mitochondria in damaged cells, in order to restore mitochondrial function, enhance cell activity, and rejuvenate cells to youth.

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Application fields

Application in organelle-based regenerative medicine

Mitochondria not only provide cellular energy, but also orchestrate physiological fuctions, such as leveraging oxidative stress, intracellular communication, and apoptosis. Mitochondrial reconstruction therapy is supposed to treat mitochondria-related disease and aging in recent years. Therefore, our company focused on developing mitochondrial biologics for stroke, lung injury, neurodegenerative diseases, and infertility. We are the very first team in the world to develop mitochondrial biologics and analysis big data of bioenergetics health index.

Application in stem cell-based therapy

Pluripotent stem cells are able to differentiate into other types of cells and regenerate various tissues and organs. Stem cells possess therapeutic potential for treating aging, degenerative disease, trauma or genetic disorder because of their powerful potencies. Mitochondrial healthy or not is a major parameter for evaluating the quality of stem cells. Our team has identified and characterized high-quality stem cells through mitochondrial function screening and mitochondrial enhancement technique, and found that the presence of high-quality mitochondria of stem cells has better therapeutic effects. In pre-clinical studies, the high-quality stem cells, which present higher-functioning mitochondria, have been demonstrated to treat diseases with safety and efficacy, such as Parkinson's disease, degenerative arthritis, multiple system atrophy, etc.

Application in immunotherapy

Immune cells originate from hematopoietic stem cells and form a variety of immunocyte in the human body through differentiation, such as dendritic cells, natural killer cells, T cells and B cells, etc. These immune cells will each play their roles in protecting the body when faced with different harmful pathogen. Immunotherapy has been considering potentially as an of adjuvant therapy for cancer treatment. The mitochondria-activated natural killer cells, developed by our company, contain highly active mitochondria in cells through culturing in our patented manufacturing process and make immune cells have more excellent functions and activities.

Application in the development of Chinese herbal medicine

Chinese herbal medicine has been used for thousands of years; it is currently widely recognized and liked by people all around the world. Because taking of Chinese herbal medicine is less likely to cause side effects than small molecular medicine. To develop medicines derived from nature has been receiving greater attention in various countries around the world, making great opportunities for the Chinese herbal medicine industry. Compounds in Chinese herbal medicine can also activate mitochondria. Therefore, our company has been screening out substances from herbal medicines that can activate mitochondria through the establishment of a mitochondrial functional analysis and evaluation platform. We further developed a raw material extraction system to acquire more functional compound from target plants.  

As mentioned above is our critical niches in this application field.

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